Research Projects

We firmly believe that research should inform our practice and our practice should inform our research.  This is an emerging field of research called implementation science which is the study of methodologies to help the incorporation of research findings and evidence into education policy and practice. It seeks to understand the behavior of education professionals and other stakeholders as a key variable in the sustainable adoption, implementation, and maintenance of evidence-based practices. TIER’s research has focused on the process of implementing evidence-based programs and practices (EBP’s). The process is not just solely focusing on the program or practice exclusively but also the PROCESS of implementing the practice. TIER aids educators on bridging the gap between science and practice by helping to ensure that EBP’s. TIER validates the “laboratory” findings in the production of similar outcomes in the “real world.”

TIER’s research focuses around mathematics, student emotional, social and behavior in the classroom, the interplay between the two and consultation which is the process to incorporate any new policy or strategy. We seek to understand the barriers and facilitators of change and translate the research into sustainable and comprehensive practices.