About Us

The Institute for Evidence-based Reform (TIER) bridges the gap between research and educators. Having worked as educators we understand the struggles you face today.

In an ever changing landscape of technology with information available in abundance. It’s difficult to find solutions that work consistently. When you do find solutions they are difficult to track, or may be slow to show results. This can lead educators to withdraw from the method or get children discouraged.

When you use research data to back your implementation, you’ve got data on your side (our favorite place for it to be). You won’t be left to wonder “is this working?” or “how can I test this?”

Beyond our research, we’ve developed tools with these same principles in mind. My Behavior Assistant is our Electronic Daily Behavior Report Card online software.Educators can now create, track, share and report all of their interventions data securely online.

This tool eliminates paperwork, makes checking student progress as easy as a few clicks for everyone on the education team as well as the students parents, and can track the fidelity of the interventions implementation. What’s all that mean?

No worrying about the intervention itself, instead all focus on the child’s success!

This is but one example of how our story and our values intertwine with our work. Be a part of our evidence based reform community and watch our story evolve.