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We firmly believe that research should inform our practice and our practice should inform our research.  Through our partnerships, we are achieving both.

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Our products bring decades of research to life in rich, detailed, and explicit procedures so that anyone can implement the interventions.

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Academic and Behavioral Interventions

Evidence-based Interventions for All Students
Kristin N. Johnson, Kristopher J. Kaase, and Jennifer R. Griffin

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How do I manage a student or my child with behavior problems? How can I help my student or child struggling with school work? What intervention strategies really work? What are the steps of the intervention? How do I know if an intervention is being implemented correctly? What does the research say? This book is a culmination of the authors’ experiences, practices, and research in answering these questions. As practitioners who work closely with teachers, students, and others in implementing these interventions, we understand the needs and challenges of implementing interventions. This book provides detailed step-by-step procedures, fidelity checks, materials, and observations so that you can pick up an intervention strategy and have everything you need to put it into place.

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Our Projects


  • Active Student Engagement in the Schools- coaching and modeling active engagement to achieve at least 80% of ALL students are actively engaged 80% of the classroom time.


  • CCSS Mathematics Summer Conference for Teachers.
  • Research on psychometric properties of STAR Math as a progress monitoring tool.
  • Evaluation of Accelerated Math learning progression.
  • Evaluation of Accelerated Math on student achievement.
  • Prediction studies on STAR Math with PARCC.

Response to Intervention

  • Technical assistance to school districts on policies, practices, implementation, and integrity.
  • Technical assistance to school districts on MTSS for social, emotional, and behavior.

Behavior Interventions

  • Research on the psychometric properties of the Daily Behavior Report Card in My Behavior Assistant.
  • Evaluation of number of data points needed to make accurate decisions within MTSS.

Psychometric Projects

  • Item Response Theory: Guide for Teachers.

State DOE Support

  • Technical support on accountability models.
  • Student Interest Surveys.
  • Technical support of state plans.

Technical Support

  • Technical  and statistical reports for agencies contracted with U. S. DOE.
  • Grant Writing.