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  • Acceptability of Traditional & Electronic Daily Behavior Report Cards

  • Behavioral Formative Assessment: Direct Behavior Rating Item Construction

What is evidence based reform? It’s our belief that our education system needs to be improved with solutions that are backed by data. We are about implementation science which is bringing the science to life in real educational settings. Scientific outcomes cannot always be replicated exactly in a larger context. We help bridge that gap.
I can already hear you thinking…sure, but why?
In the age of never ending distractions and fads run amok, our children become vulnerable to trends that do not get results or worse puts them at risk for negative outcomes. We won’t sugar coat it, when it comes to results. Data matters!
However, when you are overcome by data, we lose the most singularly important factor, the connection to children!
From our flagship product My Behavior Assistant through our teachers resources available online, we provide products and services that honor the obligation we all have to see our children succeed!

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  • Research

    The Institute for Evidence-based Reform was founded on research. We're actively seeking on-going research projects with new partners.

  • Tools

    Everything from our Electronic Daily Behavior Report Card, My Behavior Assistant to tons of valuable resources for teachers, parents and administrators.

  • Speaking

    Owner and CEO Dr. Kristin Johnson is available for speaking opportunities. With a doctorate in school psychology, she's an expert on Childhood Behavioral and Academic Interventions.